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Course Outline for PHP & MySQL

MYPHP101: Basic
Duration: 2 days
Date : 17 / 18 September 2005
Hari: Sabtu & Ahad
Masa: 9.00 Pagi - 5.00 Petang
Makanan : Disediakan
Nota & CD Disediakan
Location: Kulliyah ICT , UIA Gombak.
Price : RM 250

Hubungi training (at) php.net.my atau telefon di 013-6102545

Segala diskusi tentang PHP / MySQL training di sini WHO SHOULD ATTEND:
The course is aim for participants who already know at least the basic of HTML and has
done some programming in modern programming language before.

Day 1
Introduction and History PHP
IDE (Integrated Development Environment)?
Language Basic
o Data Type
o Variable
o Constant
o Operator
o Condition
o Array
o Loop
o Form
o Function

Day 2

Introduction MySQL
? Folder and path
? MySQL shell
o Connection
o Database creation
o Table creation
o Insert
o Update
o Delete
o Limit
o Search

Using PHPMyAdmin
Connection from PHP to MySQL

Project Development (Guided)
Web development methodology
List, Add, Edit, Delete, Search Project

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