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Our training services are designed specifically for information technology professionals, corporate clients, fresh graduates, school leavers and to those who wishes to embark in the field of information technology. MIS covers a wide range of courseware in the industry. The course topics range from basic introductory desktop software programs, such as Microsoft Word, to high level networking technologies, programming languages and information technology applications. Our courses includes PC System Supports & Maintenance, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, AutoCad, PHP & MySQL, Linux, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE 2000 / MCSE 2003), CCNA, CCNP, and many more.

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MIS Technologies Centre Sdn Bhd
#18-01, Landmark IT Mall (Menara Landmark),
80000 Johor Bahru.
07-2277169 /

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leading to Master of Science in Strategic Business Information Technology (awarded by SPACE UTM and the University of Portsmouth)

This course is designed for:
-Individuals who wish to build on their existing IT skills whilst being introduced to a range of business and mangement issues which will equip them with relevant skills and knowledge to undertake responsibilities;
-IT personnel who wish to enhance their career opportunities, specifically in the areas of management and strategic business analysis;
-Individuals who wish to gain credit transfer to a top-up MSc program.

As part of our undivided commitment to human capital development, we are proud to introduce to visionary Malaysian companies and aspiring professionals, our latest education program at the Master's level in Strategic Business Information Technology. The program will be delivered by Path Education Centre (MIS Technologies Centre) and the University of Portsmouth (UK).

This program provides a thorough knowledge of IT in business, strategy and management. There is a strong IT theme running throughout the course and an opportunity to build on existing technical competencies, in networking, to an advanced level. The programme focuses on four main skill-sets:
-Academic skills at post-degree level
-Task management skills
-Business strategy skills
-Advanced technology skills

:)Learn best examples of work practice in preparation for senior business roles
:)Understand IT issues affecting global businesses today
:)Take an affordable route to acquiring a MSc qualification
:DFund withdrawal from EPF
:)Industrial recognized
:)Cost advantage since program is conducted locally promising minimal financial burden

Should you need more information on this course, do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel: 07-2277169 / 07-2268869 / 07-2761529