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CakePHP 2.1 released !
PHP 5.4 release !
Integrate you Gmail apps with Zenclouds DNS
PHP 5.3.10 updated fix critical security bugs on 5.3.9
CNY Promotion for our colocation. 50% discount for 3 months for all colocation package. #zenpipe
My slide of How To Sell Your Graduates, presented to lecturers of CDP, Multimedia University.
@k4ml sorry late reply. Boleh post any type of jobs.
We've added Centos 6 (32/64bit) to the list of supported OS at ZenClouds. Hope you guys happy with the addition of the latest OS....
Book Review: PHP Development in the Cloud by Ivo Jansch and Vito Chin
Blog post : Pelancaran Zenclouds dan pakej terbaru Zenpipe!
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